A Little Country with a Big Future

We have lived in Mauritius since 1993.  The family arrived in the middle of the night to a house we had never seen before.  The next morning I walked thirteen steps off the front verandah to the beach.  The sheer joy of moving from Johannesburg to Grand Bay has never left me.

It has not always been easy.  There were days of brain exploding frustration.  Times when we felt threatened and unwelcome.  There was the loneliness of starting over in a village where your life was everyone’s business.  But things are never smooth in life, and eventually we stopped blaming our new country for everything that does not work out right.

On reflection, the good far exceeds the bad, and we are proud to be Mauritian.  We love our country.  We hate the mistakes it makes and are so proud of the things it gets right. This blog is a reflection of the various experiences, views and opinions I have.  I try to tell it like it is.



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