Peaceful Mauritius

Evening in Grand Bay. Taken from the Beach House.

Mauritius is the 21st most peaceful country in the world.  Iceland is the most peaceful, but I know where I would rather lie on the beach.

This is according to the 2012 Global Peace Index (GPI) produced by the Institute for Economics, Pot Smoking and Peace. I jest. The Institute for Economics and Peace conducts this survey taking into account a range of factors. Download the full report as a PDF here.

This is how Mauritius scored for each factor (1 being good and 5 being naughty). As a frame of reference, I have put our neighbour South Africa’s score alongside. SA was ranked 127th out of the 158 countries surveyed, by the way.

  • Perceived Criminality in Society 2 / SA 4
  • Security Officers and Police 5 (oops) / SA 2
  • Homicides 2 / SA 5
  • Jailed Population 1.5 / SA 2.5
  • Access to Weapons 2 / SA 4
  • Organised Conflict (Internal) 0 / SA 4
  • Violent Demonstations 2 / SA 3
  • Violent Crime 3.5 (oops) / SA 5
  • Political Instability 1.3 / SA 1.5
  • Political Terror 2 / SA 3
  • Weapons Imports 1 / SA 1
  • Terrorist Acts 1 / SA 1
  • Deaths from Conflict (Internal) 1 / SA 1
  • Military Expenditure 1 / SA 1.3
  • Armed Service Personnel 1/ SA 1
  • UN Peacekeeping Funding 1 / SA1
  • Heavy Weapons 1 / SA 1
  • Weapons Exports 1 / SA 1
  • Military Capability 1 / SA 4
  • Displaced People 1 / SA 1
  • Neighbouring Country Relations 1 / SA 2
  • Conflicts Fought 1 / SA 1
  • Deaths from Conflict (External) 1 / SA 1

The Security Officers and Police score was our worst, so I went to see exactly what they were measuring: It turns out the Institute for Economics and Peace were measuring the number of internal security and police officers per 100000 people as reported by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).  The higher the number the less peaceful. This is a bit counter intuitive.

Well, my logic is that if the country is so peaceful, why do we need so many police? What we need is a more effective Police Force, one where detectives can have access to databases and other tools via a computer. I discuss this in an earlier post. This might also improve our rating for violent crime.

Anyway, we are the most peaceful country in the whole of the African region, and we are more peaceful than Australia (22nd). New Zealand was ranked 2 after Iceland, but I suspect they were more Sheepful than Peaceful.


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