Dream Bridge and Ring Road


The Dream Bridge looking from the sea toward Port Louis

In a few days time, the Government of Mauritius will start acquiring land from families who live in Les Salines for the building of a 400 meter bridge over the harbour.  For those of you familiar with Port Louis, Les Salines is the area to the right of the Caudan Waterfront in the artist impression above. The proposed Dream Bridge, first conceived in 1996, seems to be finally on its way.  It is part of the government plan to relieve traffic congestion in and around Port Louis. The Ring Road is already under construction, as anyone who has travelled recently on the freeway between Pailles and Moka will tell you.  There is the wickedest 40 km/h speed camera in the section under construction where the ring road meets the motorway.

In the map below, the blue dotted line is the planned Dream Bridge while the green dotted line is the tunnel that I believe is already under construction.


The third part of the decongestion plan for Port Louis has been underway for the last 5 years.  It is called Ebene.  The construction of this cluster of office towers has caused a migration of business and government out of Port Louis to Ebene, which puts the place of work closer to the homes of the majority of those employees.  Traffic congestion is evident in this area already, if you have tried coming up from the Flic en Flac on the new ‘short cut’ to Vacaos and Phoenix.  So once we solve one problem, another arises.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I think the roads are getting better really fast.  The new double highway from Pamplemousses to Grand Bay makes my commute from Piton to Port Louis a pleasure.  The new connection from the West Coast mentioned above, and the flyover to the Caudan Waterfront are welcome additions. 

I am not sure who designs some of these flyovers or off-ramps.  They seem to be very rudimentary and incapable of expansion.  But this is not my field of expertise so feel free to shoot me down.

Oh, I nearly forgot…these will be the first toll roads in Mauritius, so prepare for a frenzy:




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