Serene shopping at Kalachand

I went to buy a new electric razor at Kalachand, Grand Bay. Shopping here is quite serene. There are four large floors of goods from Barbecues, Quad Bikes, Boats and Bicycles on the ground floor, up to Office and Patio Furniture on the fourth.  The small appliances were on the third floor, including the razor and a radio controlled helicopter that I want for Christmas.

I was greeted by about four assistants on my way until one led me to the razors, and showed me the three models they had. I picked one (not the most expensive) and he then led me to a desk behind which sat a lady with a computer. She entered my personal details and enquired whether I still lived in Piton, which I do. She printed a large document in duplicate and told me to take this to the glass window. Behind the glass window sat another lady with a computer and a credit card machine. She processed my card, and gave me the two pieces of paper with the words ‘paid’ stamped on them. I then met another lady who had access to a store-room.

She went in and came out with a Kalachand Shopping Bag and a Potato Peeler.  This was not what I expected.  But she soon explained that these were my free gifts. Kalachand always gives you a present when you shop with them.

The razor that was on display (their last model) was packed into its box after all the bits were put out on display to me. These were then put in the bag along with the potato peeler, along with one of the sheets of paper with my credit card slip stapled to it, and off I went to retrieve my car from the almost empty car park.

If I had been in a hurry, the highly segregated shopping assistant labour division would have been a bit frustrating. But the smooth flow from one person to the next, all of them wonderfully polite, was a pleasure.

I compare the experience to Game, which is not near Grand Bay, and has queues at the tills and a far less tranquil environment, and have resolved to give Kalachand a go when ever I can.

And another thing:  Kalachand’s top of the range gas barbecue (not a Weber) cost Rs27000.  It has three bars, plus a rotisserie with side heater, all in a stainless steel cabinet. The equivalent Weber at Espace Maison cost Rs124000 and their most expensive Weber was Rs179000.  Unfortunately it was already sold!


One thought on “Serene shopping at Kalachand

  1. cos you totes need another webber ;p
    although happy to hear you’ve replaced your electric razor! the last one can be sold to antiques roadshow i think…

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